Monday, June 08, 2015

Spring Soccer for Audrey

Audrey played soccer again this spring. She made lots of great new friends and had a wonderful coach. She went through several phases this season of wanting to play and not wanting to play, but she always wanted to be there. I think she mostly wanted to socialize and be silly!

Several of the girls on her team will be at her new school next year. Unfortunately, they are almost all a little older, so they will be moving up a level without her in soccer. If Audrey decides to continue though, she'll be back with them the following season!

There are more pics of Audrey's awesome team in the album.

Spring Break

Spring break was so much fun this year! Susan, Leslie, and Mitchell came to CA for a visit. Mitchell saw the ocean for the first time, we rode rides at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, went wine tasting, and visited Fisherman's Wharf and the Exploratorium in San Francisco. All of that was done between the simple joys of playing with your cousins.

Ross and I were able to trade days off so we could both get a little time in with everyone, which means I don't have pictures of everything. I had fun trying to capture the joy of their discoveries at the Exploratorium though.

They all learned a lot, but more importantly, they had fun! Audrey got a little wind in her face and had fun mastering the slinky. Jackson showed off some of his dance moves, and Mitchell led the pack around from one exhibit to the next soaking it all in and enjoying the hands-on activities.

We were so glad they were able to come see where we live and what life in CA is like. Of course, there are more pictures in the album. It was a great way to spend their Spring Break!

Audrey's Easter Baptism

Yes, I know it's a little late for a post about Easter, but this Easter was especially memorable for our family. Audrey got baptized! She's been asking us to let her get baptized for almost a year now, but she wasn't able to tell us why until early this year. We wanted to make sure she really understood what she was doing before saying yes. When we finally said yes and put in a request at church, our pastor decided he wanted to talk with her as well, so we set up a meeting. It was SO adorable and sometimes just funny to hear her describe her faith and what she understood baptism to be about. In the end though, we all agreed she really did get it!

My mom was able to join us for Easter Sunday, which is when our church does baptisms this time of year. There were quite a few people getting baptized, and Audrey made sure she was first in line! There was no fear or hesitation. She was ready!

She was so excited to have finally done this, and it being Easter made it extra special. The day before Easter the kids dyed eggs with my mom. Then they woke up to some fun goodies in their Easter baskets and an egg hunt all around the house. It was beautiful a beautiful day in so many ways!

We are so thankful for all of the people who pour into our lives and show all of us God's grace and mercy. We are especially thankful both Jackson and Audrey are filled with God's Spirit and believe in Jesus!

There are a few more pictures from the weekend in this album.