Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Celebrations

Jackson's class had their Valentine's Day party on Friday. During the day the kiddos exchanged valentines by putting them in the specially decorated boxes the teachers made for each one. All the kiddos enjoyed a special snack and then spent some time entertaining us as they danced to their favorite songs. Jackson loved the party if you can't tell...

Jackson & his class having a snackJackson Dancing

Barbara, Heath, and Carter also gave Jackson and us a bag of goodies while they were here on Valentine's Day. That afternoon Jackson made his own special card for Dada, which he was able to give him today! That's right...Ross is finally home, and we are SO excited!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Fun!

Another fun day for Jackson and Carter. They had more fun playing together first thing this morning and even gave each other a very sweet hug.

Jackson & CarterJackson & Carter

Then we made our way to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. Because it's been raining all week, there weren't a lot of kids at the park, so both Jackson and Carter had fun running all over the park, sliding down slides, and of course, Jackson spent a lot of time on the swings.

Jackson, Carter, & HeathJackson SlidingHeath, Carter, & BarbaraJackson ClimbingJackson SlidingCarter SlidingBarbara, Carter, & Heath

Heath, Barbara, and Carter made there way home this afternoon, and we are already missing them. Fortunately, Ross will be home tomorrow! We can't wait to see him!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Buds!

Heath, Barbara, and Carter are here visiting for the weekend, and it's the first time Jackson has been old enough to really play with Carter. They have had a blast! It started when they woke up this morning since JD was asleep when they got to town last night. Here are the two enjoying breakfast together.

Jackson & Carter eating Breakfast

Then they spent some time checking out the toys in their PJs. Jackson dumped his milk on himself during breakfast...therfore, no pants.

Jackson & Carter Playing

After getting dressed, we made our way to the Children's Museum. Carter was styling in his blazer, and both boys enjoyed a snack on the way there.

Carter Styling!Jackson & Carter eating Snacks in the Car

Jackson loves his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Heath if you can't tell from these pics.

Jackson & Aunt BarbaraJackson & Uncle Heath

But I think his new best friend is Carter!

Jackson & Carter PlayingJackson & Carter Playing

More pics in the album.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good News

I finally got the results of the lab work I mentioned in this post this afternoon. Apparently, I have PUPP, which is the one that's just irritating, and not ICP, which could have resulted in having to deliver Audrey early. Ross and I are both relieved, but still anxious for him to be home! Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who Dat!!!

Jackson declared the Saints Super Bowl victory earlier today since he was asleep for most of the game. He was sporting his new Saints shirt, some Mardi Gras beads with gators on them, and saying touchdown!

Jackson declaring the Saints Super Bowl victory

Way to go Saints!!!

Zoo with Pop

Yesterday we made our way to the Houston Zoo for the afternoon with Pop. Once again, the monkeys were a big hit. The giraffes, known as "necks" by JD since they have long necks, were also a favorite. Here are some pics from the day, and there are more in the album.

Checking out the monkeys...

Jackson & PopJackson & PopJackson & Pop

Comparing JD's hand to one of the monkey's...

Jackson & Pop

Checking out the "necks"...

Jackson & Pop

Getting a close look at the cheetah...

Jackson & Pop checking out the Cheetah

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Children's Museum and Other Adventures

I've fallen a little behind on my posts this week, but I have to's been a bit of a rough week. We'll start with the fun weekend and pictures first though. Last weekend my mom, now known as Nana, was here to help with Jackson. Since it was pretty cold and had been raining a lot, we decided to take Jackson to the Children's Museum. This was the second time he's been, and I'm not sure he was really old enough to remember the first visit. He had a blast though. He loved driving the red pickup truck and even made a few friends in the process.

Jackson driving the pickup

He is apparently a two footed driver. This truck had two accelerators, and he had his foot on both!

Jackson driving the pickup

He enjoyed getting a closer look at the ceiling with the telescope.

Jackson looking thru telescopeRacing cars with Nana was fun too!

Jackson racing cars with Nana

He got serious about pouring some tea.

Jackson pouring a cup of teaHis favorite by far though was playing outside with the popper.

Jackson popping

It was only topped by riding the fish AND holding the popper!

Jackson riding a fish and holding the popper

There are more pics of the fun in the album.

Monday provided my first real pregnancy scare with Audrey. She decided to stop moving for a LONG time. After realizing I hadn't felt her move in quite a while, I spent 2-3 hours Monday evening doing everything I could think of to get her to move...a glass of cold water, eating something sweet, lying on my left side, and even pushing and poking her. It just felt like a brick moving around though. I finally decided I should probably go to the emergency room, so I called my friends Heather and Todd to come watch Jackson. Of course, as soon as they got to the door, she made a little movement. They very nicely sat with me for a few minutes to make sure she moved some more before heading back home. The next day I was still very nervous, but her movements continued to get stronger, which was very reassuring.

Wednesday started a whole new adventure. I started itching all over, which apparently isn't good when you're pregnant. The itching kept me up all night, so I went to see the doctor first thing Thursday morning. They let me know it could be one of two things, either PUPP or ICP. They are running some lab work to determine which one it is. PUPP isn't a big deal at all. It's just irritating. However, ICP is much more serious and would likely result in delivering Audrey early. I expect to know more on Monday when I go back for my next appointment. Until then they have given me some medicine to help with the itching. The only side effect is that it knocks me out, which meant no work for me on Thursday or Friday. My dad came down to help with Jackson for the weekend on Thursday night, so I've been well taken care of between family and friends...more on our fun weekend in the next post.