Friday, January 29, 2010

Bath Time!

Bath time is often an exciting and humorous event for Jackson. He loves to dump water on his head, splash water every where, and play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. Tonight was no exception. There were lots of giggles and smiles during JD's bedtime routine...

Checking out the bed before his bath.

Jackson playing on the bed

Bath time fun...

Jackson's Bath Time!Jackson's Bath Time!Jackson's Bath Time!

Drying off and having lotion put on, which JD says "feel good" and apparently tickles too!

Jackson drying offJackson drying off

Jackson loves brushing his hair and teeth all by himself.

Jackson brushing his hairJackson brushing his teeth

The "Daddy is my Hero" PJs were intentional tonight. Apparently, Jackson woke up from his nap at daycare crying for Dada, and since I think Ross has had a few rough, stressful days, this is a reminder of how much he means to his precious little boy! We love you!

More pics in the album.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few of JD's favorite things...

This afternoon my mom, now known as Nana, came down to give me a hand with Jackson for the weekend. Jackson was SO excited to see her. He said "Nana" over and over the whole way home, and when he actually saw her, he ran to give her a big hug. We spent the afternoon playing, watching a little TV to relax, and eating...

Jackson and Nana played with the rocket and took Gator and Dog for a walk.

Jackson & NanaJackson & NanaJackson & Nana

JD had fun dumping out his blocks, briefly stacking them, and then putting them back. Jackson loves to put things back...something we really hope continues as he gets older!

Jackson playing with his blocksJackson putting back his blocks

Once Gator and Dog were worn out (Nana and Jackson too), we settled down in front of the TV for a few minutes to watch a little Elmo...what JD calls Sesame Street. The TV seems to put Jackson into a trance...

Jackson & E watching TV

Then it was time to chow down...

Jackson & NanaJackson & NanaJackson & Nana

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night, Night

On January 9th we transitioned Jackson to a big boy bed! We put his matress on the floor and started with his nap. He got up and cried at the door for a few minutes before I went upstairs and talked to him about staying in his bed. Then we read a book and tried again. This time it was a success. We know he got out of the bed because he had a book with him when he woke up. Since then, there have been no signs of him getting out of his bed after we say, "night, night". He doesn't even get out of the bed when he wakes up. He just talks (sometimes cries a little) until we come in the room. Then he sits up, hugs his bear, and climbs out. It's adorable.

Today we had some new furniture delivered, which included a headboard and bed frame for Jackson's room. I put a little step stool by the side of the bed, and introduced him to everything when he got home. He LOVED it! He spent quite a while climbing up and down the step stool and crawling around the bed. After dinner, we went upstairs for our usual bath time routine, but when he saw the bed again, he was ready to play. I managed to get a couple of pics of him playing before his bath. I was a little worried he wouldn't want to stay in the bed tonight, but so far so good! He climbed right in after reading a couple of books and saying his prayers, and he said, "night, night".

Jackson in his big boy bed!Jackson in his big boy bed!Jackson in his big boy bed!Jackson in his big boy bed!

More pics in the album as always!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For Ross...

Ok...I'm behind on posts, and I've been bad about taking pictures lately. Some of my friends threw a great baby shower for Audrey a little over a week ago where we racked up on clothes and diapers. We had family from all over come to show their love and support, and I don't have any pictures to show for it! My friend Sara did take some at the shower, so I hope to download and post some of those soon.

The real reason for this post is because Ross is off working in Hawaii, and I thought he'd appreciate seeing some pics of Jackson and everything he's up to. I hope to do several short posts especially for him while he's gone. This one may be a little longer since I'm playing catch up. Here are a couple of pics of Jackson just before Ross left.


Ross left on Saturday, and my Dad came to help out for the weekend since, yes, it's almost 5 weeks until Audrey's due date! We spent a lot of time at the park over the weekend. JD wanted to swing almost the entire time. There are a few pics of him doing other activities, but they didn't last long. JD loved playing with Pop at the park!

Jackson & PopJackson & PopJackson & PopJackson & Pop

Yesterday when we got home, Jackson went straight for the legos. After stacking several he started walking around with them making flying noises, which I recognized from the noises he makes when playing with his rocket. When I asked him what he built, he said "airplane"!

Jackson building with Legos

Today he was interested in playing with his hammer and counting, which I managed to get a shot of. He went back to playing with legos when his friend, Mrs. Heather, stopped by. He made her day by saying her name while she was here for the very first time! He's said it to us before, but that was the first time she'd heard it.

Jackson hammering away

There are a few more pics of all of these fun activities in the album, so enjoy!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mitchell's Baby Shower

While we were all in Leakey, I helped host a baby shower honoring Leslie and Mitchell along with friends, Jessica and Dianne. If you couldn't guess based on the previous post, the theme was Caterpillar. We used lots of toy CAT equipment and black and yellow decorations. There was a great turn out, and Leslie and Mitchell got lots of great things. Here are a couple of pics. There are more in the album.

Welcome MitchellLeslie and Mitchell

While we were busy partying, the boys took another trip around the ranch. This time Jackson got to ride with Grandad!

JD and Granddad on the ranchJD walking on the ranch

More pics of the ranch ride in the album.

New Years 2010 in Leakey, TX

Leslie and Philip held their 3rd annual New Year's Eve party at their house. We were bad and didn't even pull the camera out, but we had a great time visiting with family and close friends. Last year we started the tradition of Wii bowling to entertain us while we waited to bring in the new year. The tradition continued this year, but everyone was exhausted. We decided to celebrate when the ball dropped in New York, but then everyone stuck around and visited longer, which meant we ended up celebrating twice!

New Year's Day was a real highlight for Jackson. Uncle Philip let him drive a real tractor! How many 18 month olds have ever done that? Here's a link to the video if you don't believe me, and here are a few photos of the fun. He steered the tractor around their yard, and then got to turn around and move the arm! Of course, there are more pics in the album.

Jackson driving the tractorJackson driving the tractorJackson driving the arm of the tractorJackson driving the arm of the tractor

Christmas in Leakey, TX

Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it to the Christmas celebration with my Dad's side of the family. I have 3 cousins on that side of the family and two of them have gotten married in the last couple of years. Between their new commitments and our traditions, our schedules just didn't work out this year. We missed them and hope to see them soon!

Our final Christmas stop was in Leakey, TX where Ross' sister, Leslie, and brother-in-law, Philip, live along with Jackson's cousin, Mitchell. Jackson LOVES his new cousin! He points to him saying baby and enjoys giving him hugs and kisses. Mitchell was a little tired for our Christmas celebration, but you only knew that because he kept doing this...

Mitchell yawning

Jackson decided he was Ross' gift this year.

JD with bow on headJD with bow on head

Jackson got his first phone from Aunt Leslie and Uncle Philip, which was a Catepillar phone, of course!

Jackson playing with his new CAT phone

He also got some fun new wheels to drive around on a fun track!

JD moving rocks

After all of the Christmas fun, the three of us went for a ride around the ranch. It was a beautiful day, and we ran across several cows, which Jackson recognized immediately.

JD and Ross riding in the PolarisCow on the ranch

We stopped for a short walk along the Little Dry Frio where Jackson tried to throw every rock he could find into the river.

Ross & JD throwing rocks

There are more pics from all the fun in the album.

Christmas in Shreveport Part 2

Our second celebration in Shreveport was with Ross' family. We had a wonderful brunch and spent hours visiting and opening presents. It was so much fun to watch Jackson open a present then play for a while before moving on to the next. Two of his favorite gifts were a jack-in-the-box and a pull-a-long alligator toy. Both provided lots of etertainment and even exercise for everyone. Jackson walked "Gator" around and around the house, but he insisted someone walk with him. Granddad and Ross happily complied. Here are a couple of pics, and there are more in the album.

Jackson & Ross playing with the jack-in-the-boxJackson pulling Gator

After a full day of playing, we made our way to Ross' Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Laura's house for delicious dinner with the rest of his family that was in town. It was great to see everyone and catch up!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas in Shreveport Part 1

Our next Christmas celebration was Christmas morning with my parents, now also known as Nana and Pop. By this point Jackson had become an expert at unwrapping presents, so he helped everyone when he wasn't too busy playing with his new toys.

Jackson opening Pop's present

Apparently, the sit n spin was one of my favorites as a little girl, and Jackson loves it too. It took him a little while to get the hang of spinning himself, but now he gets on, spins, and says, "Wheeeee!"

Jackson sitting and spinning

Jackson also got his first laptop, which Dad was happy to help him with.

Jackson and Ross playing with laptop

He also loved digging through the stocking that was almost as big as he was!

Jackson digging through his stocking

Jackson also got a wagon the day before Christmas, which he enjoyed riding in and pushing up and down the street with Nana.

The rest of us got fun stuff too, but Jackson was more fun to take pictures of (and he was much cuter than the rest of us that early in the morning). My favorite gift, which was given to me by both my parents and grandparents, was Audrey's bedding! I'm looking forward to getting her room set up now.

It was lots of fun! Thanks Nana and Pop! Here are more pics if you're interested.