Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Pics

We made our way to the pumpkin patch to select our pumpkins and take some pictures today before Jackson's baseball game. We even have proof that both Ross and I were there!

I just love Fall and these adorable smiles!

They have to be the sweetest brother and sister I know too! I sure hope it stays that way...

There are more pictures in the album!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Audrey's class went on their pumpkin patch field trip on Monday! The plan was to go to Froberg's to check out their first ever pumpkin patch and corn maze, but after loading onto the bus, we found out they had to cancel due to rain. That didn't stop this group though! We went to the local pumpkin patch at a church down the street instead, which is where we've gotten our pumpkins every year. The kids didn't know any different! The church was expecting another group that ended up cancelling due to the rain, so they were all set up for us! The kids listened intently to a story about pumpkins. Then they scoured the patch for the biggest, littlest, and silliest pumpkins they could find.

The kids got to go to McDonalds for lunch and play on their playscape before heading back to school. Ross was able to join us for lunch since we were close by, so that made it an extra special day for Audrey!

There are a lot more pictures in the album!

Animal Crazy!

Last Saturday, the kids and I spent the day in Shreveport with Grandmother, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Philip, and Mitchell while Ross was in meetings at LA Tech. They had some fun activities planned! We started the morning at Chimp Haven. The chimps were fascinating to watch. We learned all kinds of interesting facts about chimps on our scavenger hunt, and Mitchell and Audrey had fun learning to walk like a chimp!

We then made our way to Gator & Friends where we saw LOTS of alligators and exotic animals. They loved getting to feed all of the exotic animals!

After lunch, they each had the opportunity to hold a baby alligator. Their eyes were all twinkling with delight when it was their turn, and thankfully the gator was very well behaved. The caretaker said it was because it was cooler outside that day.

We rounded out the adventure with a pony ride. Jackson rode a horse named Socks, and Audrey rode Spot. They went around the circle twice, and then we headed back to Grandmother's to meet up with Ross.

It was so great to spend some time with family! There are more pictures from the weekend in the album!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Last weekend we made our way to Shreveport. I'll do another post about all of the fun we had, but while we were visiting with my Dad, I got the urge to do an impromptu photo shoot with the kids. The light coming in through the windows inspired me...not to mention the fact that the kids were willing to cooperate!

I got a couple of shots of Jackson and my dad working on a little drawing. I think these two might be related...

Audrey was playing with a doll, and quickly decided she was ready to model for me.

Both Jackson and Audrey took turns taking pictures outside, and my dad kept them occupied between turns.

Can they get any cuter?

Check out this handsome guy...when did he get so big?

This little girl makes every day brighter with her adorable curls and beautiful smile. Isn't she gorgeous?

Jackson is such a sweet, loving kid. He is still learning how to manage his emotions from time to time, but these are the sweet faces we get to enjoy most of the time!

Jackson is constantly on the move. If his body isn't moving, then his mouth probably is, which makes picture taking a challenge. He also loves to give the cheesy smile now, so it's difficult to get a genuine laugh. Here are a few of the fun outtakes from the session.