Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Great Weekend!

We had another fun-filled weekend! It started with the arrival of our families on Friday night and dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in Houston, Lupe Tortilla. I wish I'd remembered to bring my camera that night because the waiters surprised Ross' sister, Leslie, by sneaking up behind her, putting a sombrero on her head, and singing happy birthday to her. We were outside and it was dark, but you could still see her face turn bright red!

Saturday was our annual crawfish boil. It seems to get bigger and, hopefully, better every year. This year we had around 80 people in our backyard enjoying the beautiful weather and some good Louisiana style food! There's a debate over who gets the award for furthest travel this year. It's either my cousin Meg who flew in from Atlanta or our friend Al from Ireland who's in Houston working on his PhD at Rice. Check out the pics in the album to see how much fun everyone had.

To top off the weekend, my friends Emma, Christie, and Lauren hosted a wonderful baby shower for Jackson on Sunday. They decorated with adorable onesies and a diaper cake, and they even had a cake shaped like a baby and m&ms with "Jackson Dean" and "Baby Taylor" written on them! We played some fun baby shower games...including the one where everyone guesses how big I am using toilet paper squares, and Jackson racked up on baby stuff! There are a few pics from the shower in the album too.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back Yard Makeover

I just carried about 15 bags and probably 500 pounds of yard trash down to the curb for pick up tomorrow! Last weekend, E and I talked with Jim Maas, the owner of Maas Nursery, and he helped us sketch out a new design for our backyard. The rest of the weekend was spent digging up grass, installing steel edging, cleaning out plants, and spreading new dirt. Today, we bought about 80 new plants that we will be putting in this weekend. It's backbreaking work but hopefully it will look nice.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Weekend of Celebrations

This weekend we made our way to Ruston, Louisiana to celebrate Carter's 1st birthday and to have a baby shower for Jackson.

Heath and Barbara have been some of our best friends since college. We have been there for each other through lots of good and bad times, but this weekend was definitely one of those good times. Their son, Carter, is such a precious little boy. We were fortunate to be there the day he was born, and a year later, we got to celebrate his life with his friends and family. He had such a good time as you can see in the picture below and in the album.

Carter's 1st B-day

The next day Barbara, Mrs. Judy (Barbara's mom), and Mrs. Paula (Heath's mom) threw a baby shower for Jackson. It was a beautiful shower. They decorated with adorable burp cloths that were embroidered by Mrs. Paula and had a delicious spread of food. Let me tell you...this little boy is definitely going to be well dressed and spoiled! Our family and close friends came to celebrate Jackson. I loved having everyone together, and they certainly showed their love and support through their generosity. There are a few pictures from the shower in the album, and here's a picture of the bedding we received at the shower!

Jackson's Bedding