Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wedding Weekend in NY/PA

One of my friends from work, Mary Good, got married last weekend to a great guy, Andrew Lawrence. They are both from Pennsylvania, and you know people like them because there were a significant number of people who travelled from Houston to celebrate with them. We had a great time and made the most of our trip.

We started the weekend early by flying to Buffalo, NY on Thursday. We drove from there to Niagara Falls, NY where we spent the night. We made our way to the Canadian side of the falls that night and met up with some more friends through work, Eric and Jennifer, for dinner. We were able to see the falls from the Canadian side during the day and at night. We even rode up the Skylon Tower for a beautiful view of the falls that night.

Friday morning we walked to Goat Island, which is the American side of the falls, and got to experience the power of the falls at The Cave of Winds. Ross and I debated which side we would recommend someone go to if they could only do one side, but it's a tough decision. The Canadian side is definitely what you picture when you think of Niagara Falls, but neither of us would have wanted to miss the American side either because you get a better appreciation for the amount of water flowing over the falls...not to mention all of the rainbows that we could see, which was a highlight for me (I love the meaning behind rainbows...God keeps His promises).

The wedding was Friday afternoon, so we left Niagara Falls and headed to Peek N Peek resort in NY where we shared a condo with more friends from work; Eric & Jennifer, Colin, and Jason & Pam. The wedding was in a beautiful Catholic church in North East, PA. It was a beautiful ceremony. Mary looked gorgeous, of course! As did all of her bridesmaids. The reception was back at the resort and was different than most of the weddings we've been to. The bride and groom stayed until the end of the reception and then even went to a pub with a group of folks afterward. Most weddings we've been to have you throw things at the bride and groom as they leave...never happened at this one, but it was so much fun...the bride and groom really got to enjoy every moment!

The next day Mary and Andrew hosted another party where friends and family got to "send them off to Texas". Our ride to the party was a hay ride! It was a BBQ, and everyone was encouraged to dress accordingly. There were lots of games, which were enjoyed by all, and best of all, we got to visit with the newlyweds a little longer.

Sunday, we made our way to Pittsburgh where we got an incredible view of the city from Mount Washington. At Mount Washington you could ride a steep incline from the river to the top of the mount. We didn't actually ride the incline since we drove to the top, but it looked like a fun ride.

I was planning to incorporate pics into this entry, but it's gotten pretty long as is, so be sure to check out the album to see what I've been talking about!

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