Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jackson's Room...almost done!

Here are some pics with our latest projects for Jackson's room. You can see the completed dresser, a wall mobile, and some wall art have been added. I think we're almost done...

Jackson's roomDresser & Wall ArtWall Mobile


Anonymous said...

it looks awesome!

Jenny Deitz said...

Wow - you guys have such great taste in decorations! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your kitchen shelves from?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the wall art!


Anonymous said...

Jackson's has the hippest baby room ever!! Very Nice Job!

Rob, Melissa, Luke & Joel Green said...

super cute!!!


jennyadams said...

WOW! What a cute room for the perfect baby boy!

It was great talking to you on Sunday, even if it was for the short time that it was! I wish we had a little more time, but I do know how busy we both are! ;]

God is good!

And I am not quite sure I ever let you know, but I am going to telling you now because you should know... you really made a difference in my life 4 years ago at extreme camp; so thank you!

Come check my blog out sometime :] www.jennyadams.wordpress.com

Love you and God Bless Always!