Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dr. Seuss Party

Audrey's class celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday for an entire week! They did all sorts of fun crafts and snacks throughout the week, and they ended the week with a silly and delicious party! There were lots of creative treats, and the kiddos helped with a few of them.

There were cotton candy "Truffla trees", goldfish for the "one fish, two fish", gummy-fish in blue jello for "Red Fish, Blue Fish", mini-crescent dogs for "Go Dog Go", "ABC" cookies, and a couple of "Cat in the Hat" treats too!

The kids loved them! They had lots of fun stacking their bananas and strawberries in stripes (or not). After the food, the kids dove into their favorite books. It was a fun week and a fun party!

There are more pictures in the album!

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