Sunday, November 12, 2006


Ross and Bailey CampingElizabeth CampingAfter a hectic week with little time to spend together, Ross and I took the weekend to get away! We went to Guadalupe State Park to go camping! It's the first time we've ever gone camping together, and I think we both agreed that we'll do it again. Our friends Emma and Chris were nice enough to let us borrow their camping equipment so we didn't have to spend a lot of money on something we weren't sure if we'd like. Thanks to their thoughtfulness in giving us more than just the tent and sleeping bags we thought we'd need, our trip was a success. We got there Friday night and set up camp in the dark. It got pretty cold that night, so we eventually got a fire going. The next day we hiked almost every trail the park has, which totaled 8-9 miles. The pictures are from the end of that day. We were all pretty tired...especially Bailey since she's used to sleeping most of the day. That night it got down to 40F, which we were not expecting! I know that's not very cold for some of you, but for us with no heater, that was cold! Today we went fishing for a while and then packed up camp to head home.

It ended up being a good day for Texas sports, which we listened to on our drive home. The Houston Texans won. The Dallas Cowboys won, and the Houston Dynamo are now the MLS (Major League Soccer) Cup Champions!!!

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