Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Go Dynamo!

For those of you that have always wanted to work at NASA, you would have enjoyed my last week at work. I spent the last week and a half working in the Mission Control Center. If that wasn't exciting enough, I got to reconfigure systems onboard the International Space Station and respond to my first real-time failure. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, but that's what we train for.

For the next year I will be extremely busy working on all of my new assignments. I am now responsible for all of the planning and operations for my system that will take place in Increment 15, which is a 6 month period that a specific crew will be onboard the station. I am also responsible for the planning and operations for my system for the shuttle flight that will deliver the ESA Columbus module to the station, as well as for a new version of software that will be loaded onboard the station. All of that is on top of the tasks I already had and working on console...I'm going to be busy!

Ross and I had a great weekend. It started with our life group getting together Friday night. I didn't get to be there because I was working, but a few people were still there when I got home. Then I kept Ross up until 3:30 in the morning talking. Saturday we had Girls' Night/Guys' Night. 10 girls came over to our house. We ate lots of good food, including the crawfish pie that Ross made, we did makeovers with my friend Mary that sells Mary Kay, and we played games. The guys went out to eat and played pool. When they were done, they came back to our house, and we all hung out for a while. Sunday we went to our 2nd soccer (football for you non-US people) game. We saw the Houston Dynamo win their MLS conference game, which means they go to the finals next weekend! It was pretty cool.

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