Monday, February 16, 2009

8 Months Old

We're a few days behind on Jackson's 8 month old post. It's amazing how quickly they change! In the last month Jackson has started pulling up if you provide him something easy to hold. He's always loved standing, so this new ability brings him so much joy. He's finally realized that rolling doesn't just get him off of his stomach. He'll now roll to get to an object. He also reaches for us a lot now and lets us know when he wants to be held by doing this.

Jackson Wants Up

Jackson has now moved up to eating 3 meals with solid foods every day, as well as eating the stage 2 foods. He has also decided that he can "help" us feed him. He will grab the spoon and shove it into his mouth, so meal times have gotten much messier! Click here for a video of it.

He is still very easily entertained and loves to laugh at even the simplest of things. By the end of the day or when it's time for a nap, he typically just gets louder, but this is one of his tell-tale signs that it's time for sleep.

Jackson Rubbing EyesJackson also got two new teeth this week! He got both of his lateral incisors on his 8 month b-day. His day care teachers think the front top teeth will be next, but they haven't broken through yet.

Jackson Smiling Big

Our first Valentine's Day as parents made us feel like teenagers again...our friends, Todd and Heather, kept Jackson that evening, and Ross and I went to the mall. We took advantage of having babysitters to cross a few things off of our to do list. The mall was filled with teenagers walking hand-in-hand and texting as they talked, so we followed their lead and laughed at ourselves. It was fun, and we really appreciated the opportunity!

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth & Ross,

Jackson is getting cuter every month. I enjoyed the pictures from his dedication, and I know that was a special weekend. Andrew is growing and eating lots of foods, too. He is still content to sit and play with toys, so no crawling yet. At this age, Adam was almost walking! We are heading to Ruston for Easter. Any chance you're going to north LA that weekend? I would love to see you. Take care, Stephanie