Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We had another fun weekend. Although, this one was a little more relaxed. If you were going to be outside this weekend, a pool was required because it was HOT, so we went to a pool party at the home of some friends from work on Saturday. Then we filled the kiddie pool after church on Sunday.

For Father's Day Ross asked for some time to work in the garage, so that's what he got! Jackson would wander into the garage to help for a little while and then wander back out to the pool to splash around. Ross was very happy to finally make some progress organizing the garage. Of course, he also got a couple of fun hand-made cards from Jackson and Audrey along with a special breakfast to start the day.

Here are a few pictures of Jackson and Audrey playing around this weekend. Note the adorable smile Audrey gets when looking at her Daddy!

Audrey smiling at DaddyAudrey smiling at Daddy

She gets lots of lovin' around here!Jackson saying hi to AudreyAudrey getting hugs from JD and Bailey

We think Jackson's going to enjoy baseball. Check out his swing!

JD playing baseballJD playing baseballJD playing baseballJD playing baseball

Now we just need to work on his aim...

There are more new pictures of Audrey in her album, and a couple more of JD in his album

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