Sunday, August 26, 2012

San Antonio Trip

A few weeks ago we met our good friends, The Tims, in San Antonio for the weekend. We rented a great house and spent a day at Sea World and half a day at the San Antonio Zoo.

The Olympics were going on at the time, so we had lots of fun talking about how amazing the athletes were and teaching the kids about the different activities. Jackson and Audrey were beyond excited to see Carter and Graham. Jackson and Carter showed each other their dance moves while Audrey took care of Graham. If you can't tell Carter and Audrey seem to like each other too...

Saturday morning we made our way to Sea World and started the day with Shamu! We were all impressed by how amazingly strong, powerful, and smart the killer whales are.

At this point we were all hungry and ready for a little break from the heat, so we found a place to eat. Then we made our way to a playground and checked out some alligators along the way. From there we watched a little of the ski show before heading to the Azul show! It was another incredible show with dolphins, whales, birds, acrobats, and entertainers. It was also at this point that I realized we might already be in trouble with Carter and Audrey...

When that show was over, Jackson and Carter played a little hide and seek in the trees before we made our way to the Rockin' Elmo show. Audrey managed to pass out in my arms on the walk. She caught a 20 minute nap before the show started, which was perfect timing for her and gave me a great workout. The kids loved seeing the Sesame Street characters in person!

After watching Elmo and his friends rock it out, the kids changed into their swim suits and played on the "splash pad," which was HUGE! We should have brought our suits as well because there was really no way to stay dry and keep up with your kids, which is also why there are no pictures of the water play. Somehow we managed though. It was an extremely hot day, so the water was a must!

When we were finally able to get the kids out of the water and back into their clothes, we went to watch the dolphins playing in the water just before their feeding time, which meant they were jumping and playing a lot!

Our final show of the day was the sea lions. They were a great way to end the day, especially since they made fun of a lot of the other shows. We were all exhausted and laughter was what we all needed!

We all crashed hard that evening. When we awoke, we headed to the San Antonio Zoo to check out some land animals. First up was a train ride through the surrounding area, which the kids loved! One of the highlights of the zoo, which I didn't get a picture of, was the hippos. We don't have hippos at the Houston Zoo, so they were fascinated by them, and also thought they were pretty funny...good thing they were behind glass! They loved it all, but mostly we all loved getting to spend some time with Heath, Barbara, Carter, and Graham!

There are more pictures of all the fun in the album.

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