Monday, September 08, 2014

White Knights Soccer - Game 1

Jackson's first soccer game in California was Saturday afternoon. He was excited to jump right in after watching Audrey's game that morning. He spent most of Audrey's game "coaching" her and her team on what they should do...mostly to me and Ross. He was ready for his turn!

I LOVE that Jackson celebrates when his team scores whether he makes the goal or not. He's excited to be part of the game. He also enjoys taking a picture mid-game...

Ross was the referee for Jackson's game. He did a great job keeping the game on track! By the end of the game Jackson was getting tired. He started waiting for the ball to cross his path before he engaged...he decided that's the best way to play. :-)

Watching them both enjoy playing the game truly made for a fun day! There are more pics in the album.

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