Thursday, September 11, 2014

Audrey - Can You Decide?

Audrey had her first homework assignment for her new school this week. It was an "All About Me!" poster. It had her fill in basic information about herself, some of her favorite things, what she wants to be when she grows up, cool facts about herself, etc. It also had a spot for a picture. Of course, the tons of pictures we already have weren't sufficient for Audrey. She wanted a new picture in her new favorite dress, which looks like Elsa!

I was more than happy to indulge her request. We went to the park behind our house and took a few quick shots before dinner tonight, and I've had fun playing with them in Lightroom. Now I can't decide which one I like best! Can you?


Melanie said...

They are all beautiful! She is so big!!!! My favorites are the top right and the third down on the left. Love y'all!

Brandi Hart said...

Beautiful! Top right is my favorite.