Monday, October 16, 2006

Rain, Rain...go away!

Today was a little crazy. On our way into work this morning, we kept hearing the radio announcers talking about school closures in the area due to heavy rain and flooding. We didn't think much about it since the streets here were okay this morning, but the trip home was a different story! I left around 5:30 and had a lot of trouble getting home in my big SUV. The water in front of our house was up past the sidewalks and there were a lot of flooded and stalled cars in the area. Ross was playing basketball and tried to fight the same water in his low Trans Am. However, he quickly realized that he wouldn't make it home, so he went back to work for another hour while the rain stopped and the water drained.

The exciting part of my day was when I got a call from Alvin! He's a friend from Ireland that I met at ISU. He's studying at Rice for the next 6 months, so hopefully we'll find time to get together while he's here!

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