Friday, October 27, 2006

Progress docked

Things have been busy for the Taylors lately. Last weekend we met with our life group, which is a group of about 8 couples that meet twice a month to hang out, eat good food, and study God’s Word. Ross usually leads the discussion. Our group has really enjoyed using the studies that Bill Hybels wrote as a guide. They always seem to ask questions that get people talking about their lives. We also went to a wedding for April and Patrick where we got to see some of my friends from Chi Alpha. It was fun to see people with their kids and find out what they’re doing now that they’ve graduated. Sunday we went to see The Guardian with our friends Emma and Chris who recently found out that they are expecting a little one of their own.

This week has mostly been about work, but we did get to go to dinner with some of my friends from ISU one night. We met Alvin (from Ireland) and Melissa (from Washington DC/Houston) at Chuy’s for some good Tex-Mex food! Alvin is attending Rice University for the next six months, so I’m looking forward to seeing him more while he’s here. Melissa was in town getting ready for the Space Exploration Conference that will be held in Houston in December. They’re going to have some great speakers there, and I’m really hoping I’ll get to attend.

I’ve been working on console this week. There was a lot of excitement on Thursday when a Russian Progress vehicle docked. Things didn’t go completely as planned and we had to power down some equipment on the station while they got everything back to normal. That kept things interesting and busy for a while!

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