Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ruston and LA Tech's Homecoming

Ruston was our next stop. Both sets of my grandparents live in Ruston, and we got to see them all. When we got into town we visited with my Dad's parents, and were thrilled to find out that my Aunt Kathy was there as well! From there we went to my Mom's parents for a catfish fry! It was sooooo good. To top that off we got to spend time with three of our very best friends. My cousin and maid of honor, Meg, drove from Atlanta, GA to see us, which was about an 8 hour drive, and Barbara and Heath recently moved to Ruston. Heath is now a professor in mechanical engineering at Louisiana Tech University, and Barbara is continuing to work for the same company from Ruston. They also recently found out that Barbara is pregnant!

I had an Industrial Engineering Advisory Board meeting all day Friday where we spent time learning about the new things going on in the department and meeting with the students. It's a little frustrating because there are a lot of things that need to change and the progress is slow. Things are improving though, and the students this year are really dedicated and want to see things improve too. Hopefully, we can all work together to make a difference!

Saturday started with a bike ride through the Mitchum Peach Orchard with Barbara and Heath. Then we went to the tailgating events for LA Tech's homecoming with Meg where we visited with a lot of our old friends from college including Ross' best man, Scott, and met Barbara and Heath again for the football game. It was a pretty bad game...8 turnovers. Needless to say, we lost, but I had a great time despite the score. We ended the night by going to one of our old hang outs...Johnny's Pizza. We sat around talking for several hours. It was fun to think about how we all met and remember all of the things that happened while we were there. I've posted a few pictures from the tailgating and the game, so check out the album.

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