Saturday, May 26, 2007

10 year high school reunion and MySpace

I started thinking a couple of weeks ago about my 10 year high school reunion. It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years! Anyway, with summer rapidly approaching I realized that I hadn't heard anything about a reunion. Not knowing exactly where to look, I began searching the internet. I started with I signed up there probably 5 years ago and haven't really been back much, but it seemed like a logical start. Well, I didn't find out much except that there were a couple of other people wondering about it as well.

My next thought was MySpace. I've avoided MySpace because I generally tend to stay away from what everybody else is doing (blogging not included) and it doesn't exactly have the highest reputation. Anyway, I figured that there wasn't a much better place to find a bunch of 27 and 28 year olds so I signed up. So now I have a MySpace page. Well, sort of. I haven't gotten a custom URL or made my profile fancy, but at least people might find me if there were looking (which I'm sure everyone is).

Long story short, MySpace was the key to success! I found a MySpace group and profile for the C.E. Byrd High School class of 1997 and this led me to the page. The reunion will be August 25, 2007 so I haven't missed it and I think I'll try to go. As long as a Shuttle flight doesn't get in the way, I should be able to.

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