Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Car for sale!

My car should be fixed by noon tomorrow. It will have a new clutch, slave cylinder, and a couple of other widgets. All this for only $1350. ----I was just interrupted by a spider crawling across the floor. I killed it and was greeted by tens of little baby spiders scurrying around. I'm going to admit to the world right now that it was a manifestation of my nightmares. I HATE SPIDERS!---- Okay, back to cars.

So, I guess it is worth the money to be able to drive my car again but I am getting pretty close to replacing it and it hurts to spend so much right before getting rid of it. Anyway, anyone interested in a used 1999 Firebird TransAm with some new widgets? I'm actually not quite ready to sell (I need to get my $1350 worth) but this made me realize that I don't have any pictures of my car in the photo album. That's kind of sad. There was a time when that car was pretty high up in my priorities. Oh well, life goes on, but I am going to miss the memories! ~sigh~ Here's a pic from the glory days.

Ross' TransAm

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