Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Car trouble

My car decided to quit working this morning. I started it and tried to pull out of the garage but it just jerked and died. Basically, my clutch is shot (I guess) because it is either fully in or fully out so I can't get it to go anywhere. It's particularly annoying to be without a car this week because E is working 3pm to midnight meaning I have to go pick her up in a couple of hours. Anyway, I had a tow truck come and pick it up tonight, so we'll see tomorrow how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your car. Its quite annoying when car is in trouble and it happens where you need to use a car, to attend to some important matters. *sighs* My car also had some starting issues before. The fuel pump and coils had to be replaced. After that the car had no problems. Days after, another problem, it was my mazda flywheel needs a replacement. Its quite expensive to have car problems. I just wish no more car trouble in the future.. Anyways, good luck and hope you'll fixed it soon.