Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Blanks Have Been Filled In...

It's no longer ______ ______ Taylor. We have decided on a name for our baby boy...

Jackson Dean Taylor

Jackson means son of Jack, and he will actually be the great grandson of Ross' Grandpapa, Jack Taylor, who is someone we both admired, respected, and loved greatly. Dean is my Granddaddy's, Harry Napper's, middle name. He is someone we both look up to as a leader and a man of God. Needless to say, Jackson Dean will have some great footsteps to follow in. Hopefully, we can lead him down the right paths!

The other reason we like the name Jackson is because of the meaning you eventually get to...Jackson means "son of Jack". Jack is a nickname for John, and John means "God is gracious". God has certainly been gracious to us throughout our lives and especially now with the blessing of this little boy. Our hope and prayer is that God will always be gracious to Jackson Dean.

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