Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 Months Old

Jackson is 2 months old today. It has been an amazing 2 months. I've almost forgotten how little sleep we got during the first few weeks and what it was like to listen to continuous crying for hours at a time. I now look forward to Jackson's cries to let us know he's awake. It's one of our favorite times. We unwrap Jackson from his swaddle and watch him stretch and slowly open his eyes like this.

Jackson stretching

Then we usually get to see a great big smile if he's not hungry.

Our Little Heartbreaker

The most exciting part of our day is when Jackson decides to talk to us. He makes the most adorable noises. He even immitates the noises we make and the things we say sometimes. It's so much fun! Here's what he looks like while talking.

Jackson Talking

One of Jackson's most recent discoveries is his fist. He seems to be able to stick the whole thing in his mouth!

Jackson Sucking on his Fist

He's having fun discovering the world!

Jackson Sitting Outside

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Jenny Deitz said...

Those pictures are absolutely ADORABLE! What a cutie!!