Monday, October 12, 2009

A Few Firsts

This week has flown by. I've been busy keeping up with 2 jobs and will continue to do so for another week or so. One morning this week as I was loading Jackson into my car to head to daycare, Jackson discovered the moon. It was still high in the sky, and it just seemed to captivate him. Several of the books we read at night have pictures of the moon, but I think this was the first time he noticed the real thing!

The other firsts for the week weren't nearly as exciting. When Jackson got home on Thursday he had a fever of 103! He was still acting like his normal happy self and eating like a champ, so we chalked it up to the vaccines he'd gotten the week before...even verified with the doctor's office. However, Saturday morning it became clear this was more than a reaction to a vaccine. It turned out the poor little guy had an ear infection on top of the flu. Both were firsts for him. He's now taking 5 different meds, but doing great with all of them. I can only hope he will always be this good about taking medicine!

Sunday morning his fever was already gone and he was back to his usual smiling self. He especially enjoyed the fireman's hat my friend from work, Lauren, gave him this week. Jackson has also learned to say cheese when taking pictures, which is what he's doing in the first one here if you can't tell.

Fireman TaylorFireman Taylor

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jessica said...

omg he is so darn cute.. and i hope he is doing much much better.