Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quasny's Boat Reception

The celebration of Todd and Heather's wedding took place this afternoon on a beautiful boat. Our baby sitter had to cancel at the last minute, so Ross ended up having to stay home with Jackson. It was a beautiful day, so they enjoyed some time playing outside and at the park.

Jackson Going for a Walk

I got to be part of the festivities and take more pictures for the happy couple. They had a great turn out, which just shows how much they are cared about and appreciated!

Todd & HeatherTodd & HeatherTodd & Heather

They had all of the traditional wedding reception moments. They cut the cake, which was both beautiful and delicious! It was made by a Flight Director we work with, Ginger.

Todd & Heather's CakeTodd & Heather's CakeTodd & Heather's Cake

They toasted, which was unique because they decided to toast their guests instead of having the guests toast them.

Todd & Heather's ToastTodd & Heather's ToastTodd & Heather's Toast

They had their first dance and also danced with their parents.

Todd & Heather's DanceTodd & Heather's DanceTodd & Heather's DanceTodd & Heather's Dance

Here are a few pics of my friends from work enjoying the party, and as always, there are more in the album.

Christine & MaryRyanGlen & ChristieAndrew & JasonGreg & JennJarret, Sarah, Davilynn, & Sean, The 3 Amigos - Eric, Jason, & ColinMary & AndrewStephen & SaraE & SaraColin & Helen

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