Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome Mitchell Dean!

I'll post more about our Thanksgiving weekend soon, but here is an introduction to our new nephew Mitchell Dean! Mitchell was born Tuesday evening. He was about 2.5 weeks early, but is healthy and doing well! Leslie and Philip are adopting this precious baby boy, and we are so excited to welcome him into our family along with his "first" family. This is an open adoption, so Mitchell's first mom, Andrea, will become part of our extended family. It has been a hard journey for all involved with a mixture of joy and sorrow, but this adorable little boy has filled everyone's hearts with love and thanksgiving.

Mitchell is being named after a dear family member, Dick Mitchell, who is currently battling cancer. Dick has played a very special role in all of our lives, and he has been there for Leslie and Philip through some very tough times. He is an amazing man who loves with all he has, which is exactly the type of man we want both Jackson and Mitchell to be.

Here are a few pictures of baby Mitchell. Jackson already loves his cousin!

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