Thursday, November 29, 2012


This year I took the kids to Shreveport for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Since Ross recently changed jobs, he doesn't have much vacation saved up, and I have an excess, which made this the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time with old friends and family!

We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and I finally got to introduce Jackson and Audrey to Sara Beth, who is the daughter of one of my bridesmaids and best friends from high school, Brandi. I also took them by my dad's office to see what he does and to get to catch up with a sorority sister that works with my dad, Rachel. The funny story from that excursion was when we left his office, which is in downtown Shreveport, to go to lunch, Jackson asked why we weren't getting in the car to go somewhere...he's never been somewhere you could WALK from one place to another. What a concept!

We brought Jackson's scooter with us and spent some time at the park down the street. It was perfect weather, and it was fun to be somewhere with color in the trees!

Ross drove up Wednesday night, and we spent Thanksgiving day with my mom's side of the family. We had lots of delicious food and lots of fun visiting and playing! My cousin, Stephanie, who is an all-star mom, went all out and had turkey hat crafts for the kids, which of course, meant Jackson became a little turkey! He also spent some time picking flowers, climbing on the wood pile, swinging, and playing chase, which allowed me to get a couple of sweet shots too.

Audrey was loving all of the pretty flowers around the yard, as well as twirling in her dress and swinging with anyone that would either swing with her or let her push.

Ross took a few photos too, which means I'm actually in some! I don't remember what he was doing, but I love the attitude Jackson has in the pic with me. My multi-talented cousin, Tiffany, even took a picture of the four of us that turned out great!

This is most of the Napper family. We missed my Aunt Barbara, Uncle Chad, Bud, and Meg, but we were grateful so many of us could get together this year! The pics below the big family pic are of my 1st cousin once removed, Andrew, who I seriously think could be a kid model...check out those eyes and the hair...and my beautiful cousins, Stephanie and Tiffany.

We avoided the Black Friday sales and made our way to SciPort for some fun. My dad joined us and helped us introduce the kids to all kinds of fun concepts!

My ADCO (Attitude Determination and Control Officer) friends from work would be proud...we even introduced Jackson to the concept of a gyroscope!

While we were enjoying time with family and friends and counting our blessings, we were also mourning the loss of my Mamaw, my dad's mom, who passed away early that week. I was glad to be able to be there with my dad and help him and my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike with funeral preparations. I loved spending the extra time with them and hearing some of their favorite memories of her. The funeral service on Saturday was really nice, and all three of my cousins were able to make it despite David and his wife, Rachel, just having a beautiful baby girl that Monday!

When my Papaw passed away, Audrey was born a few days later, and this time when my Mamaw passed away, we welcomed precious Abigail into the world. While we were all a little sad not to be able to share in more of their lives, Jackson was quick to remind us that Mamaw and Papaw are happy to be with God now!

The entire week was packed with good food and great people, which of course, means there are lots more pictures in the album!

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