Sunday, February 09, 2014

LA Tech Distinguished Alum

While Ross and I were in Colorado skiing, I found out I was nominated and selected to be Louisiana Tech University's 2014 College of Engineering and Science Industrial Engineering Distinguished Alum. I was stunned! I've been fortunate enough to go to the event where the distinguished alums are honored for the last several years as member of both the Industrial Engineering Advisory Board and the Engineering and Science Foundation board. The people selected for this honor are always amazing individuals, and I certainly felt humbled to be considered one of their equals. As I sat at the event listening to the description of each of the individuals selected in their fields, I wanted to slip under the table because I didn't believe I fit the bill! When they got to my name and started describing my accomplishments, I leaned over to Ross, laughed, and told him they make me sound really good!

After receiving the award, I got to say a few words. For me, it was an opportunity to let my families, my blood relatives and my LA Tech family, know just how much they have been a part of my successes and that the success I consider to be the greatest is that I have been able to carry forward the caring leadership they demonstrated to me.

Even now as I sit here recalling the event, I realize how much everyone in that room has contributed to making me who I am today. My parents poured everything they could into developing me and preparing me for the world. My professors not only taught me technical knowledge, but also team and leadership skills, as well as genuine care and passion for whatever I do. My husband and my friends taught me loyalty, support, grace, and accountability. My board member peers shared their wisdom and insights and encouraged me each step of the way. I think I am most grateful these relationships are nowhere near ending! I look forward to a lifetime of growth in these relationships, and I look forward to seeing who I continue to become with their love and support.

Here are a few pics of me receiving the award and of my closest relatives and friends.

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Unknown said...

I am so very proud of the woman that you have become. Most of the credit for who you are comes from the wisdom and discernment that you implement in your life choices. I love you very much! Mom