Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hiking in Sanborn County Park

Today we took the kids for their first hike in the mountains. They loved it! It was the first time Ross and I have gotten to do much of a hike since we lived in Austin. It was great to get on the trails again!

Audrey was in awe of the beauty. It was fun to see her reaction to everything. There were a lot of beautiful views!

Jackson had fun taking pictures with my camera, which means there's some proof I was there! He did a great job taking pics. He got individual shots of everyone, as well as a couple of group shots.

It was a lot of fun until we realized we were on a longer trail than planned...we powered through it and enjoyed a much tougher hike than we expected. Poor Audrey's little legs couldn't take it, so Ross carried her a good bit as we were coming down. Jackson was amazing! The hike started around 3:30, and we made it back to our car around 7. Despite being tired and hungry, Jackson never complained!

We're excited to be able to go on fun adventures in nature so close to home. I can't wait for the next one!

There are a few more pictures from the hike in the album.

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