Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Jackson is 3 weeks old tomorrow! It's fun to watch him grow and change a little every day. We're still trying to figure out the's beginning to sound like we have a colicky baby on our hands, so for those who decide to visit or who we come to see, be prepared for some unconsolable crying!

Speaking of visitors, Ross' parents were here for a couple of days, and my mom is headed to Houston tonight. Here are a couple of pics of Jackson with his Grandmother and Granddad.

Susan and Jackson
John and Jackson

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful baby you have! What a beautiful family!!!!!

And thank you! I pray that I would make a positive impact on someone's life... whether I know it or not! It doesnt matter!!!! And yes, God is such an awesome God! I am amazed daily upon the fact that He is so faithful, so very loving, even though I am not; He still is! Thank You Father!

So how are you doing?!?