Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hiding Out in Leakey

We got a report from our friends Emma and Chris on our house yesterday. They made their way down to the Clear Lake area after hurricane Ike tore through Houston. They said our house is fine. However, our fences are down, and we have a lot of yard work to do because a lot of limbs fell. We are without power and water there, so we're staying put for now. We can't thank them enough for the report. It has really put our minds at ease. We feel so blessed that it wasn't worse.

We're also thankful for having such a great place to stay and hang out. We're staying at Ross' parents' cabin in Leakey and hanging out with his sister and brother-in-law, Leslie and Philip, during the day. Ross is supposed to go to Philidelphia for work tomorrow, so we're working on rearranging flights so he can leave from San Antonio. Hopefully, when he gets back our house will have power and water so we can go home.

Jackson turned 3 months old while we were here, and he got to go on his first Polaris ride around the ranch. It was pretty funny to see his car seat buckled into the Polaris. I'm hoping to get a picture of it so everyone can see.

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Just Me said...

I'm glad everyone is ok and your house wasn't damaged in the storms!! We were praying for you. =D