Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Week...

This week started off a little rough, but ended well. On Monday Jackson was sent home from daycare with a low fever, so Ross took him to the doctor on Tuesday where we found out he has bronchiolitis again. He's now taking 3 meds for it, an antibiotic and 2 breathing treatments, which both have to be given twice a day. Honestly though, I think I dislike the nebulizer for the breathing treatments more than Jackson does. He's doing pretty well with them so far. As long as we can keep him entertained, he really doesn't even notice it.

Late Tuesday night our friends from our life group, Pam and Brian, had their baby, Jace, and I got to hold him Wednesday after work. He is absolutely adorable!

Towards the end of the week we got to spend some time with our friends Jenny and Brandon. I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did that night. We always have so much fun hanging out with them. If only our schedules didn't make it so hard for us to get together...we literally planned this dinner over a month ago.

The weekend has been fun too. We had dinner with our friends Bekah and Jeff Friday night. Saturday and Sunday we spent all day cleaning up and running errands for the parties next weekend, and Ross finished the fences!!! (Yes, one of them has been down since Ike...we were one of those people.) Sunday night, our wonderful friend, Heather, babysat so Ross and I could have a nice dinner out. Today we did lots of yardwork and more cleaning, but we ended the day by grilling out with our friends, Emma and Chris, and their daughter, Clara.

Throughout the weekend I tried to capture a few pics of Jackson doing his favorite things since I never got an 11 month post out there. Here he is closing the doors to one of his favorite toys.

Jackson Playing

Here he's hugging a bear, but not just any bear. This is the bear that I had as a baby. My dad even did a sketch of me holding this bear, so it's really sweet to me...

Jackson & BearJackson also loves turning the pages of books, playing with them, and being read to.

Jackson Reading

Now that Jackson has mastered crawling, he's decided to check things out from a different his exersaucer. He seems to like crawling through obstacles...maybe he likes a challenge.

Jackson under the exersaucer

Of course, he also loves Bailey, and we just think he's the cutest little guy ever!

Jackson & BaileyJackson

There are more pics from this weekend in the album too.

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