Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hide N Seek

Jackson decided the game of the day yesterday would be hide-n-seek. First he made Ross hide while he counted and then hunted for him. After lots of hiding in some very creative (i.e. so obvious it's funny) spots, Ross began running out of ideas for places to hide. Jackson quickly decided that wasn't okay and began telling Ross where to hide. Once that got old, it was my turn to hide. Eventually, Jackson started hiding while we counted. Of course, as soon as the words "ready or not, here I come" were spoken, you could hear giggling and a little voice saying, "Come find me! I'm in here!" Audrey joined in too. She would giggle with delight every time someone was found. It made for a very fun and happy morning!

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jenn said...

Yes, that sounds like our game. Usually the kids take turns hiding in the same spot over and over :o) Fun times!