Sunday, February 26, 2012


We made our way to Froberg's Farm on Saturday to do a little strawberry picking! Last year we went a little late in the season, but we knew it needed to become an annual trip based on Audrey's absolute LOVE of strawberries. This year the crop was ready early, and the timing couldn't have been better! We had a free afternoon and needed fruit for a baby shower we were hosting the next day! It was drizzling rain as we drove out, but we continued anyway with our hopes high. It worked out perfectly...the rain stopped just as we arrived, which also meant there wasn't a crowd! There were TONS of strawberries, and they looked delicious after being freshly rinsed by the rain. See...

Looking at the pictures from last year, it's fun to see how much Audrey has changed, but her obvious love of strawberries has not! She managed to fill her bucket before taking the first bite, but then we couldn't get her to stop eating them!

Jackson on the other hand still doesn't like strawberries, but he had a blast picking them. He was careful to find the good ones and keep us entertained!

We managed to squeeze in a couple of family shots just before the rain began again and we headed inside to the farmers market where we collected a few more goodies.

On the way home there was a full rainbow in the sky, which is always a beautiful reminder to me of God's promises. I absolutely loved getting to spend the day with my family and enjoy the blessings that surround us!

As always, there are more pictures in the album.

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