Saturday, February 09, 2013

Mardi Gras in Shreveport

Last weekend we made our way to Shreveport for the Crew of Centaur parade. We spent a little time the morning before the parade walking around the gardens at the Norton Art Gallery with Pop. It was a gorgeous day, and I was extremely disappointed to realize I'd left the memory card for my camera in Houston. That didn't keep me from taking pictures though! I was determined to see what my phone could do since the kids were eager to pose with Pop!

While they took some great serious shots, they loved being silly too!

Both kids took a great nap, which we were grateful for since we knew they'd be up a little late at the parade. My mom, Susan, and our krewe arrived at Ross' Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Laura's site around 3 PM just before the streets were closed. We wandered up and down the streets for a while taking in the fun and craziness of the day. Then we settled in at our spot for some delicious food and a little karaoke!

The party continued after dark with more karaoke and a nice fire to keep us warm. When the parade arrived, the kiddos were ready to climb up on our shoulders and catch some loot! Audrey was a little nervous at first as you can see in the picture below...I'm not sure how Ross was catching anything at that point! It didn't take her long to relax as long as the floats weren't on the scary side. Her strategy was to put every bead, cup, and toy she caught in her bag rather than wearing or holding them. Jackson was more eager to wear and hold on to what he got. I'm not sure which strategy was most effective, but I do know we came home with a LOT of beads, cups, and toys!

It was a very quick trip, but it was worth every moment!

There are more pics in the album.

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