Saturday, February 09, 2013

Snow Day in Houston!

So it didn't actually snow in Houston this year, but we did have a snow day in our neighborhood! Our friends, The Tims, happened to be down for a visit, so they joined in the fun!

The community association brought in the snow for a social event. A "hill" was built since we don't have any in this area, and the kids and adults had a blast sledding down!

There was also a square of snow set up for very small snowman building, snow angel making, and of course, snowball throwing! All the kids loved it, and Audrey couldn't resist tasting a little snow. Even baby Graham enjoyed the experience from the warmth and safety of his stroller!

Jackson was having a tough time listening and following directions at one point, so he had to take a break/time-out. I, of course, documented the experience with pictures, which, to my surprise, helped Jackson get out of his funky mood. I love that you can see the devious thought process on his face...he's throwing leaves at me.

I was happy to see the smile back on his face, and the rest of the day was tons of fun!

There are a few more pictures in the album!

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