Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Audrey is 4!

Audrey turned 4 last Monday, March 10th! We started the morning with presents from the family and chocolate chip pancakes.

It was also the start of Spring Break week, so Jackson and I were able to spend the entire day celebrating with Audrey! She and Jackson spent the morning playing with her new toys, and she allowed me to take a few pictures.

Audrey's choice for celebrating during the afternoon was to go pick strawberries, so we headed to Froberg's Farm!

It was a little muddy, but we came prepared! There were tons of great looking strawberries to be found.

They had a great time picking strawberry after strawberry and helping each other find the best ones!

After inspecting their full buckets one last time, we headed home.

The Fulliloves joined us for Audrey's favorite dinner, tacos, and cake that evening, which wrapped up a nearly perfect day!

It's hard to believe how much Audrey has grown and changed in 4 years. Something that hasn't changed, though, is that she has always had a way of lighting up a room. She is full of joy and energy! It's pretty tough to get her down, and when it happens, it never lasts for long.

Ross and I are glad to have the "threes" behind us and hope the testing phase comes to an end soon. Aside from that, every day seems to get more and more fun with both Audrey and Jackson!

Audrey's birthday was definitely fun! There are more pictures in the album!

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