Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Little Audrey Party

Audrey chose to have a My Little Pony party at Jump-N-Jungle this year. Before leaving for the party, we had a mini-photo shoot with the birthday girl!

After a few pics by herself, I decided we needed some family shots too! Thanks to Ross and my dad, I was able to be in a few as well!

Audrey and ~15 of her friends celebrated with lots of jumping and running, laughing and smiling, a few minor injuries and crying, pizza and cupcakes, and a huge pile of presents.

Audrey was too cute when opening her gifts. She made sure to read the card to know who it was from (with Mommy's help), and then after thanking the gift giver, she made sure to show all of her friends each gift by either holding it up for everyone to see as if reading them a book or passing the gift around. The process took a little while, but it was so sweet and funny!

The birthday girl declared the party a success! However, it took a while for her to realize her birthday was officially over after we got home. She tried to claim to be the birthday girl to get her way for several more days...much to her disappointment it didn't work anymore. We enjoyed spoiling her a little for the occasion though!

As usual, there are more pictures in the album.

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