Monday, December 03, 2007

Baby Taylor

We had another doctor's appointment today. They did the nuchal translucency test, which involved a sonogram and a blood test. So far everything looks good. They have to do another blood test in a month before we get the final results. During the sonogram we got to hear the heartbeat, which was 141 beats per minute. I'd also lost a pound since the last visit, which is funny to me since I ate like a horse at Thanksgiving and my clothes are smaller than ever. Nothing to worry about at this point though.

Here are a couple of the pictures from the sonogram today. It looks like Baby Taylor is already sucking it's thumb...

Baby TaylorBaby Taylor


Adoption & Fire said...

I'm just so excited. I know I keep saying that but I really am. We will both be having babies around the same time. We are still hoping and praying that we will have a referral by February. Wouldn't that be so neat to have babies close in age?!

Jenny Deitz said...

Congrats you two! It sounds like Baby Taylor is getting closer to my birthday now!! Woo-hoo! June's the best month to be born in... though I may have a little bias:)