Sunday, December 09, 2007

Life Group Christmas Party 2007

The Fullilove's hosted a wonderful Christmas party for our life group last night. There was a ton of delicious food and lots of fun for all. While the girls sat around talking about typical girl things, the guys started a fire (in a fire pit) outside...doing the manly thing. The kids ran around, played with dolls, and made cotton ball snowmen...doesn't get much better than that. The adults had their fun too. We did crackers, which are one of Emma's family traditions...they are British. If you've never done them before, they are rolled up packages that you "crack" open (really more like popping). Inside you find a paper crown, a toy, and a joke...explains the crowns you'll see if you check out the album. Here's a picture of all of the girls from later in the night.

Life Group Girls

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