Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wonderful Christmas

We hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. Ours was a several day event that started with gift exchanges between me and Ross the Thursday before Christmas. This has become our tradition so we don't have to haul our gifts to Shreveport and back.

The first family gathering was at my Mamaw and Papaw's house on the 23rd. We had fun eating and visiting with everyone. My cousin David is engaged and getting married the same day Baby Taylor is due, which means a couple of things...we won't get to go to his wedding, and things will certainly be different next year!

On Christmas Eve, we started the day by visiting Ross' Grandfather who is in a rehab hospital. Our church made a prayer quilt for both him and Grandmother. After everyone in Ross' family had a chance to pray over it, we gave it to him. It's a beautiful quilt with a large red cross and black and white music notes covering the quilt, which is very appropriate considering Grandfather's love of singing.

We have a long standing tradition of spending Christmas Eve evening at my Grandmother and Granddaddy's house. We start the evening by attending their church's candle light ceremony before coming back for one of the most amazing dinners you've ever had! It was extra special this year because the entire family was there! I can't remember the last time everyone was there for Christmas, which is why there are so many pictures in the Napper Christmas album. To top that off we found out that we aren't the only ones expecting a new baby to be here for Christmas next year. My cousins Stephanie and Jason are expecting twins!

Despite it being late when we got back to my parent's house on Christmas Eve, we still found the energy to open a few more presents...

Christmas day was spent with the Taylors. Their tradition is to have people over for brunch on Christmas morning, so we started with our stockings, ate some more delicious food, and then finished off the presents. After which, we made our way back to the hospital to visit with Ross' Grandfather again. That evening we went to his Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Laura's house for dinner to visit with everyone and see what everyone got for Christmas.

Now we're back in Houston trying to find places for everything and still smiling about the memories that were created this year.

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