Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ever been Limed?

Last night we were driving home from dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and shortly after we turned into our neighborhood, something bounced hard off the top of Ross' new car...not good. We got home and after inspecting the car, took Bailey for a walk near the area his car got hit. As we approached, there was a truck stopped at the corner (much like we did after getting hit) that had also been hit. There were a bunch of citrus fruits splattered all over the street. We actually found the lime that hit his car. We were pretty sure someone was throwing these since there were no trees over the street in that area. Sure enough, we found a kid sitting in the ditch with a pile of fruits...

Ross let the kid know what he did was not ok and that he's fortunate no damage was done to his car. I think he at least scared him a little, and he made him get rid of rest of the fruit. Who ever would have thought we'd get limed! this what we have to look forward to? ;-)

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