Saturday, December 19, 2009

Joy and Sorrow

Ross' 1st cousin once removed, Dick Mitchell, passed away this week. He was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and was told around Thanksgiving that it likely wouldn't be much longer. Dick has meant so much to our entire family, and he will be greatly missed! Here are a couple of pics from our last good visit with Dick.

DickDick, John, and Buzz

The joy in all of this is our new nephew and Dick's namesake, Mitchell Rodriguez, who was born just before Thanksgiving. We are so thankful they had the opportunity to meet each other. Baby Mitchell was born a few weeks early, which we definitely believe was God's timing since it allowed them to spend some time together.

The funeral was Thursday, so Ross, Jackson, and I made our way to Leakey for the service. Jackson wasn't exactly cooperative, so I missed everything, but I was told the service was very nice. Dick was an amazing man that lived an incredible life that touched so many lives, which was evident by all of the people that were there.

We enjoyed the opportunity to visit with family and spend more time with our nephew. Jackson loves to say baby and even got to hold baby Mitchell while we were there.

Ross, Jackson, & Mitchell

Both Jackson and Mitchell enjoyed spending some time with their grandparents too!

Jackson @ the Taylor'sMitchell and SusanJackson and JohnMitchell

As always, there are more pics in the album

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