Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas with Nana

Our first round of Christmas celebrations started last weekend when my mom, also known as Nana, came to visit. She was able to join the kiddos at the day care for their visit with Santa on Friday. Then on Saturday morning Jackson and Audrey helped us make some sugar cookie dough. While we waited for it to chill, they got to open their Christmas presents, which you can tell they loved!

When the cookie dough was ready, Jackson and Audrey helped us roll and cut out the cookies. Of course, a little taste testing of the dough was done along the way too. When we were done, they had lunch and headed upstairs for a good nap.

Then the fun began! The icing and sprinkles were flowing all over the counter and floor, but it was lots of fun! Jackson was very deliberate in his decorating, especially with the snowmen. Whereas, Audrey was all about the quantity of decorations she could fit on a cookie...and her hands. Can you tell which one was decorated by which kid?

On Sunday, the kiddos got to take more pictures at church. They had Santa pictures, as well as pictures with Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Again, Audrey wanted nothing to do with Santa, but she warmed up to the idea of pictures with Baby Jesus. She likes to say "Happy Jesus", which means "Happy Birthday, Jesus" in Audrey-speak.

We had a great first round of Christmas and are looking forward to more this weekend! There are a few more pictures from the weekend in the album.

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