Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Weeks Old

Jackson is now 2 weeks old! He had his 2 week appointment today, and he's now 21 inches long and 7 lbs 10 oz, which is 5 oz over his birth weight! That puts him in the 50th percentile in height and 25th percentile in weight. His head was under the 25th percentile, so despite what it looks like, his head is small. :-)

I also had my 2 week appointment today, and I'm healing well too! I'm now allowed to drive, but they still won't let me lift more than Jackson until the 6 week mark.

Here's a recent pic of Jackson. He's started getting baby acne, but he's still adorable...not that I'm biased or anything!

Jackson at 2 Weeks


Anonymous said...

he is adorable! thanks for sharing the pics -- glad the healing process is going well, albeit slow. take care!

Anonymous said...

I think he's a pretty good looking kid. Looking forward to seeing him and you soon.
Dad John

Melissa said...

He is just such a cutie. Hoping you're starting to get more sleep.