Friday, June 20, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

After another rough night the other day, we decided to try putting Jackson on a "schedule". Really it just takes all of his needs into account and provides some predictability for him...and us. So far, it seems to be working well. Thanks Rhea for the advice and the book!

Here is a pic of Jackson discovering himself in the mirror and a close up of those big open eyes!


Anonymous said...

We are sitting here enjoying Jackson and his new schedule. We are so happy it seems to be working. Great Grandmother ssys she not involved with these comments, but loves the pictures. Grandma Sue makes sure we visit your site to see the daily picturs. Celebrated Madison's birthday tonight at Ronnie's house. Thank goodness Catherine was able to retrieve the power range from the toilet. We will look forward to meeting Jackson Labor Day. All of Love, Uncle James, Ronnie, Carol, Laura, Sue, Great Grandmother, Alan, Grandfather, Catherine, Dottie, and everyone else lurking around here. Bye

Anonymous said...

Of course we didn't have a newborn but Catherine has been on a routine/schedule since we got her an it works like a charm. It's hard sometimes because we might want to stay at a dinner longer or we might want to do something later at night, but 7pm is bedtime routine and we have to stick to it! The schedule will help tremendoulsy!