Thursday, June 12, 2008


They went ahead and gave E an epidural. She is a lot more comfortable now, which is good but I think the main reason they did it is to be prepared for a c-section if necessary. They are trying everything to keep that from happening though. They think that he is turned sideways which is putting extra pressure on him and slowing things down. They are having E try various positions as well as giving her oxygen to try to keep his heart rate up. So far, things are looking pretty good since the last change.

It's pretty amazing how many monitors, tubes, etc they put on a perfectly healthy woman. We are now monitoring both heart rates, E's BP, and contractions. She also has a couple of IV drips, the epidural, and oxygen. Whatever it takes though!

By the way, I realized that the times on the previous two posts were wrong. I updated them to my best guess but they are still probably a little off...hopefully, this one will work right.

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