Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zappos customer service

Last week, I bought some running shoes from Zappos.com. This week they arrived along with a pair of size 9.5W tan Type Z Darla Peep Toe high heals. So I contacted Zappos customer service, via the online chat option, and thanked them for the free shoes but pointed out that I was not particularly interested in wearing them and they were too big for my wife. In a quick and friendly chat, the customer service rep, Ebony, identified the order, told me I could dispose of them how I wish because she didn't want to hassle me with the return and then proceeded to give me a membership in their VIP club and a $50 coupon for my trouble! I just wanted to make sure some lady got her shoes. This service shouldn't surprise me, I've written about Zappos before.

So, does anyone want the shoes?

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