Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Part 4

The 4th part of our Thanksgiving celebration was the big meal with the Taylor family, and it was a great day! We did an evening meal, so the day started with some good, relaxing play time.

This is our adorable nephew, Mitchell, who gives the 2nd best hugs in the world...Jackson is 1st.


Jackson and Audrey loved playing with their cousin and each other!

AudreyJackson & AudreyJackson & MitchellAudrey & MitchellAudrey & MitchellAudrey

Our first attempt at cooking a Thanksgiving meal for the family turned out pretty good thanks to years of watching others, as well as some help from my Grandparents and Ross' family. Ross was the primary chef this year, and he did an amazing job! We have lots of left overs if anyone out there is still hungry!

Ross & Audrey

Special thanks to this wonderful couple, Ross' Mom and Dad, not only for helping us this weekend, but also for the years of teaching you've done and the wonderful example you have set!

John & Susan

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

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