Sunday, August 26, 2007

Celebrating 80 years of life & 10 years of...freedom?

I wish we had pictures to share from this weekend, but we never thought to pull out our camera. Friday, we celebrated my Granddaddy's 80th birthday! It's not actually until the 2nd of September, but that doesn't really matter. My Aunt Barbara flew in from California. My Uncle Steve & Aunt Cissy were there, and Ross and I were able to join in the festivities along with my parents. We had a wonderful dinner, birthday cake, played a game, and enjoyed each other's company. The highlight of the night was watching a video that my cousin, Meg, put together with the help of the family. They gathered pictures from throughout my Granddaddy's life and put it all together with a poem my mom wrote and appropriate music for each of the different stages of his life. It was great!

The next night we went to Ross' 10 year high school reunion. We had a great time. As we were walking in, we got to catch up with a friend of both of ours from engineering at LA Tech. There were a lot of people that Ross was interested in seeing and catching up with, and I think most of those people were at the reunion. It was fun for me too because I knew a few of the people there from elementary school and middle school. I even knew some of them well enough back then that we had slumber parties and were in girl scouts together. I also had fun meeting some of Ross' high school friends that I've heard so much about over the years. They were all great people, and everyone seems to be doing well.

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